Advantages Of Forex Trading There are many benefits and advantages of trading forex. Here are just a few reasons why so many people are choosing this market: No commissions No clearing fees, no exchange fees, no government fees, no brokerage fees. Most retail brokers are compensated for their services through something called the “bid/ask spread“. […]

Current game plan

DJIA near resistance at around 17k zone, STI near resistance at 2800-2815 zone. Bears like to short at trendline and previous resistances. Better to stay out , if you dont have any stock, and wait for the confirmation for the next direction. No hurry to any how chase stock during middle or near end of […]

I realise many public punters chase running stocks at a price that I will outload to.

Just sharing 1 of the slides at my recent seminar, this hold true for many traders and public punters. From the floor, I realise many public punters chase running stocks at a price that I will outload to. Many classical TA traders still cannot profit because they lack no.4 and no.5. They have learnt everything […]

Student profits again by increasing hitrates.

Boon Keng, after attending XOON Course recently on the 3rd intake, INCREASED HIS HITRATE, making $5805 on trading short term MOMENTUM STOCKS. Im very happy for him, as he could SEE/INTERPRET the market just like me… using MARKET DEPTH and our XOON SETUPS. Registrations for OCT 2014 is currently open, kindly PM me for more […]

Recent 22-44% ROI swings for $29,563 profits

Case study of recent XOON 3 swings with 22%-44% return of investment, with total profit of $29,563 , with just capital of $113,057. BENEFITS OF A HIGH ROI= LESS RISK, LESS CAPITAL OUTLAY NEEDED, LESS STRESS, MORE RETURNS A high ROI is more effective than punting on a single contra trade using $400,000 for $14,000 […]

Xoon May Class.

Last week, we just recently completed the Xoon Training Program May Class, the students went back with knowledge of my 4 setups, rules, how Big Boys paint the charts, Support and Resistance, and how to deal with Newsflow and Propaganda. Great bunch of fellow like-minded traders!

May Intake.

Great profitable month of April for traders! Im busy finalising the training materials for the May class intake. My plan is to help more traders trade correctly, with consistent profits, instead of gambling without a plan. The last time I did this class in March to a small group of traders, several of them (part […]

April Bull month.

Recently did a intraday Rotary Contra trade, one of my many trades during this period. (refer to recent trade records) Usually when its penny season, we seize the many opportunities available. In our network for April, ive recently made many stock picks, will compile the scores on the end of april soon!